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Meet Russia Mail Order Brides: All You Need To Know About Dating Them

Meet Russia Mail Order Brides: All You Need To Know About Dating Them

Russian brides are trendy among men from all over the world. According to statistics, in 2019, 815 girls from Russia came to the United States on a fiancée visa for marriage. Today, the Internet allows everyone to find their true love, even from such a distant region as Russia.

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For Western men, Russia is traditionally one of the most popular destinations for international dating and marriage. Here are the top facts to know about dating and marrying beautiful Russian women.

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Why choose Russian women for marriage?

Russian mail order brides belong to the most desirable ladies on the Earth for their intelligence, heavenly beauty, and strong family values. Their special aura of sensuality and charm impresses men from all over the world. Russian beauties make perfect housewives and are just professional chefs in the kitchen.

Why do Russian girls seek Western men?

There are many reasons why Russian brides use online dating sites to find their partner overseas. Some of them fail to find their true love in their home country, while others are not satisfied with the inequality with gender roles in the family. That’s why a lot of Russian ladies stay lonely and dream of meeting a kind and reliable man from another country.

Is it necessary to go to Russia to meet Russian brides?

Not at all! You can certainly book a flight to Russia and spend an indefinite amount of time there, but there are a few issues you will probably encounter. Russia is a huge country and you cannot realistically meet even %0.01 of the beautiful Russian female population in one visit. Moreover, there are plenty of girls in Russia who will happily talk to you or even accept your invitation to a date, but they won’t necessarily be ready to move abroad with you forever.

To make things easier both for you and Russian mail order brides who want to marry foreign guys and move with them overseas, there are now special Slavic dating sites. There you can find gorgeous single Russian girls who are excited to meet foreign men and are ready to potentially immigrate to a different country.

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What are the costs you need to take into account?

The majority of popular dating services allow you to sign up and look at the female profiles for free, but you will need a paid membership if you want to communicate with the ladies. Plus, you may need to buy additional packages with features, and a visit to Russia to meet your potential wife in person is also not a free experience. All in all, you can end up spending from $3,000 to $20,000 on the whole journey.

Only a couple of decades ago, when there weren’t nearly as many mail order brides from Russia as there are today, the whole concept of such relationships was somewhat of a gray area from a legal point of view. Since then, the situation has changed, and now you can marry a lady from Russia absolutely legally. All you need to do is apply for a K-1 visa, and as soon as it’s granted to your bride, she can legally immigrate to the United States to become your lawful spouse.

How to make the desirable impression on a Russian bride

  1. Have a lot of intellectually stimulating discussions. Talking about sweet nothings is an important part of romance, but women from Russia also want deep conversations.
  2. Let her know that she is in good hands with you. A typical Russian wife is dreaming of someone who will take care of her, not demand equality in every aspect.
  3. Prove your commitment with both words and actions. Even when you are just beginning to date, it’s important to let your lady know that you’re in for the long run.

To sum up

Finding and marrying a woman from Russia may require more effort from you than a relationship with a local girl. However, Russian mail order wives would have never gotten as popular as they are today if it wasn’t for their many positive qualities. Experience them on your own with the Russian ladies you can meet on our recommended dating services!